Develop locally, run on the cloud

Tired of waiting for results? Feel confined to your laptop? Building containers slowing you down on every code change? Meadowrun not only runs your Python jobs on the cloud without hassle, it automatically synchronizes your code and environment to cloud machines, letting you iterate quickly and freely. Develop locally like you’re used to, with the power of the cloud at your fingertips.

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Run your ad-hoc jobs and scripts on the cloud as easily as you run on your laptop

No need to figure out how to wrangle your code and third-party libraries into a Docker container or set up a Kubernetes cluster.

Scale up to a bigger machine or scale out to multiple machines

Use spot instances whenever possible, and truly scale down to zero so you only pay for what you use. Never worry about realizing that you’ve been paying for a rogue instance that didn’t get cleaned up.

Your local code and environment is synchronized to cloud machines

Make changes locally and they’ll take effect immediately, without having to go through a CI/CD cycle.

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AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda (planned)

Azure VMs

Azure VMs

Azure Functions

Azure Functions (planned)

Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine (planned)

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions (planned)




Airflow (planned)

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